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“Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Shree Maheshwaranand Ji Maharaj, rajasthan at our showroom and admire our work.”
“Param Pujya Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Ritambara Ji, Haridwar Visit at our Showroom and gave blessings.”
“Gave a gift of White Marble Hanuman Statue to Param Pujya Sant Shree Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj, Kanpur during Ram Katha.”
“Clay Modeling in our showroom under presence of Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Radhanand Ji Maharaj, Tamilnadu.”
“ Made Fifteen (15) feet one piece Black Marble Mahadev Statue by our carving team.”
“Sadhvi Dr. Vishveshwari Devi ji, Haridwar feeling proud and adorable to watch statue during visit our showroom.”
“Stand In front of twelve(12) feet one piece white marble Mahadev Statue Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Shree Raghuveerdas Ji Maharaj, Punjab.”
“Visit our Showroom and saw all statue by Param Pujya Saint Rajan Ji Maharaj, Kolkatta and gave blessing for future.”
“Manish Vajpayee Gift to Mr. Jakir Hussain after won second time grammy award.”
“Param Pujya Late Ashok Singhal director of Ram Janam Bhumi, Ayodhya togatter with Mr. Ramesh Chandra Vajpayee at opening of 15 feeet Hanuman Statue, Ayodhya”
“Param Pujya 1008 Shri Mahamandleshwar Chetangiri JI Maharaj, Pali (raj.) at opening ceremony of temple which all statue made by us.”
“ Mr. Ramesh Chandra Vajpayee with former Prime Minister Om Prakash Chotala.Hariyana”
“ Mr. Ramesh Chandra Vajpayee with Mr. Kailash Vijayvargiya JI Minister of B.J.P. General Secretary. M.P. at during Ram Katha.”
“Param Pujya Shree Raja Bhagat Ji Maharaj, Gujrat at our home workshop to see his Statues.”
“Shree Shree 1008 Param Pujya Shree Mahamandleshwar Keshwanand ji Maharaj, Dwarka, Gujrat at our home and give blessing to Manish Vajpayee.”
“Opening ceremony of Shri Laxmi Narayan Sanskar Dham Temple, Nakhtrana, Gujrat ”
“ Param Pujya Rashtiya Saint Shree Chinmayanan Bappu, Haridwar give blessing to Manish Vajpayee at our Showroom.”
“Our showroom Visit by Minister S.D.Shrarma & Suman Sharma.”
“ Worship the Statue by Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Shree Maheshwaranand Ji Maharaj at our Showroom.”
“Shree Shree 1008 Mahamandleshwar Radhanand Ji Maharaj visiting our showroom with Mr. Ramesh Chandra Vajpayee”
Manish Shah - (Borivali west,India)
“Excellent work and quality. Very professional and reasonable rate. What i like is the finishing..... amazing look n feel in the statues. Important, timely n cost effective delivery. I would give 10/10 rating. Well done n keep it up.”
ajay singh - (sidhi (m. p) ,indian )
“I want to give you a lot of thanks for ur good service & best quality work. U have made a beautiful ma sarswati idol of fine finishing for me in low prices. I have no words to give comments for ur amazing stone art.”
Satyanarayana - (Bangalore,India)
“Hai Sir!! My salutations to you! Very great collection!! Let the god bestow his best blessings on u and your firm. Wishing you all the luck and success!”
“Amazing & unparallel customer service by ASTIKA MARBAL STATUE, delivered statue of shiv pariwar beyond belief,words cannot be express its so beautiful,perfect packaging & delivery.It was a pleasure for me to buy murti from your showroom, you and your company are very reliable,you deserved to be proud of your work & your efforts as you have been providing me always with your best services.I really appreciate the ways you have been servicing me as a friend.At every moment during our transactions i feel fully satisfied.I really look forward to purchase some more murties from your company in the nearby future.THANK YOU”
M.Kandasamy - (98,Jalan Kalui, Taman Seluang, 09000 Kulim, Kedah,Malaysia)
“So far i have ordered 3 statute and I had a wonderful experience. The statutes are beautifully crafted and the services are exceptional. I'm living in Malaysia and received the statutes in a good condition without any damage. I would love to get more statutes in the future and will recommend to others.”
Harish Lalwani - (Al. Krakowska 37,Poland)
“ The best craftsmanship and nice friendly people, great feeling to work with you all, also best value for money..... keep it up😀😀😀”
Arun Roodkee - (10, Divine Park, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedaba,India)
“ I really appreciate Mr Manish of Shaktikala Mables Statue, Jaipur ( Rajasthan ). I was looking for Durga White Marble Murti for my home temple. I searched online and when I come in touch with Manish and he shared the details of Statue of Durga, I just forgotten others manufactures. He has given so confidence and value to customers is tremendous. When I saw the Murti on delivery, I was so happy that what I was looking for, it has given me immense pleasure and satisfaction. My temple is now most beautiful place in my home. The value and respect given to me by Shaktikala by providing Durga Murti is just impossible for me to express in words. Really they care their customers... I appreciate the fineness is the work... Thanks Manish again.. I will be always in touch with your organisation for more statues in future.”
Trupti Agarwal - (11028 Amherst Ave,United States)
“We have worked with Manish Vajpayee for our statues in Washington DC US. He was very very useful with the process. Very timely response and he delivered fantastic muftis which are as per our expectations. Exactly what we had in mind and pictured our murtis to be, he could understand each specific details we had. He was also good with suggestion on his own which made sense as well as good. We are happy to do business with Ashtika because Manish is very talented and efficient. Thank you Manish and we look forward to do more business with you. Trupti Agarwal ”
Ranjan Das - (H# 20,Santiramdas Road,Rehabari,Guwahati - 781008,India)
“I have purchased two lord Krishna marble statues from this company through Mr Manish Vajpayee, the work and craftsmanship are simply exquisite.The relationship of the company with the customers are great, Its been really a wonderful experience. ”
Keshava Madhava Das (Klaus Frenzel) - (Adliswil,SWITZERLAND)
“I am very satisfied with my order to Mr. Manish Vajapyee (Ashtika Marble Statue). The Murtis are high quality material and design. Manish is a gifted sculpture who also knows how to attend the needs and wishes of his customers. I can highly recommend him. ”
PULKIT PATEL - (Perth , Australia,Australia)
“ I contacted Manish Vajpayee for making a few marble moorties for my home temple in Perth, Australia. He made Radhe Krishna Jugal Jodi, Shiv Parivar, Bahuchar Mata, Ganeshji and Hanumanji. All moorties are beautiful and his work is impeccable . First of all, I wish to THANK YOU and your craftsman for the exemplary job they have done, their hard work, commitment and skill shows in the Moortis. I also would like to thank you for patiently answering all my questions and following up on delivery and inspection to make sure the murtis have been received safely, the packaging was VERY SECURE and I would like to thank you and your team for the integrity, honesty and your care and concern in making sure that I was completely satisfied with the entire process. Good Work. Thanks, Pulkit Patel (Perth, Australia) ”
Steed McCotter - (321 N. Burton Way, Palm Springs, CA, 92262 ,CA)
“I have maintained an excellent relationship with Ashtika Marble Statues for several years. Mr. Manish Vajpayee has always helped me to receive the highest quality items which are beautifully crafted and exceed all of my expectations. Their work is outstanding. They are always focused on their customers. They respond quickly to inquiries. All of my items have been well packaged and arrive in the United States in good condition. I have the most respect for this familys craftsmanship and business practices. ”
“Though I have not seen Manish personally feel very connected in the very first conversation over the phone. I am pleased to see a very down to earth, humble behaviour and prompt reply to any queries raised. Now coming to the statue I can say they are making every statue "Dil Se". Actually I bought the statue of shri Gajanan Maharaj to my beloved fua ji. When she saw that she cried to see such a beautiful statue. Which is more than million dollar happiness for me. So thank you Manish for such a warm rapport, god bless you and keep up the good work. ”
Meenu - (Melbourne,Australia)
“Big thank you to Manish and His Team for beautifully sculpturing my Krishna statue according to my wishes. I wanted Krishna to be in full vibrant colours and Ashtika Marble did exactly that. Customer service was excellent - Manish was very friendly, patient and accommodating and answered every question that I had. I was impressed the way the Krishna Statue was packed - a solid metal box with a key and locket. Ashtika Marble Statue is definitely the place for you to have any murti sculptured and design. Pricing is also very reasonable. I wish Ashtika Marble Statue great success in all of their future endeavours. I am a very happy customer!☺☺”
Dr. Tejas Dalwadi - (Ahmedabad ,India )
“Extraordinary work of Ganeshji murti with humble and good communication and do work in time limit.”
Sister Vimla - (Bandra West, Mumbai(Maharastra),India)
“ I worked with Mr. Manish four-five time and always huge satisfaction , impressed with work quality in marble, carving, finishing, packing etc. Always did best job for me whatever I want small statue or big statue, never compromise with anything. I am very happy and recommend to others for sure.”
Krishna Raghuvanshi - (INDORE, M.P,INDIA)
“I placed order to Ashtika Marble Statue and they carved my statues as per my I thought in my mind, very BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANCE work,. My dream comes true Thanks a lot !”
Sandeep Bhargava - (Po box 999, Dubai, UAE,UAE)
“ We have bought 2 pieces of marble temple from Ashtika Marble, we got them imported in UAE. The service and the products was excellent. I am recommending them to all my family and friends. ”
Steed McCotter - (321 N. Burton Way, Palm Springs, California 92262,United States)
“ Ashtika Marble Statue is a pleasure to work with. They created a beautiful Lord Ganesha statue that has blessed my home in amazing ways! I am grateful for their work and professionalism. Manish Vajpayee has graciously helped to make wonderful pieces for me. He always communicates with me, sending updates on the work. I recommend Ashtika Marble Statue enthusiastically! They have always made me very happy.”
“Through Passionate,Matured,with Pure Understanding of customer need sychological requirements,clear picture-clear work pure professionalism of Mr.Manish vajpayee. Great people smart work. ”
Ajay Nishad - (394/388 Bakshi Khurd Daraganj,India)
“Hi, It has been great in business with Ashtika Marbles. The kind of dedication, commitment and sense of ownership they have shown is unparalleled since the time of PO to delivery date. I really appreciate Ashtika Marble for their hard work from the bottom of my heart. Radha-Krishna statue that has been delivered to me is in great condition and looks the same what I have ordered. Would love to do business in future as well. Thanks a ton Ashtika Marbles. Regards, Ajay Nishad”
Kashyap Vyas, NJ,USA - (,)
“I purchased the Ganesh Marble Statue for our new home, we absolutely love it. It was via expedited deliver from jaipur, IN to NJ,USA an it arrive in about less then 5 days the statue was beyond our expectations. The packaging was excellent. Mr. Manish Vajpayee is very professional and prompt thru the whole process. Thank you once again for the great customer service. We will definitely order more in future and will also recommend our friends and family to you business. Kashyap Vyas, Allentown, NJ,USA”
Amit Jagdish Pal - (Pune,India)
“ अति सुंदर मुख श्री कृष्ण राधा, अति उत्तम कार्य , बहुत सहरानिय कलाकारी, धन्यवाद मनीष जी को उन्होंने मूर्ति में जान डाल दिया, जाएसा मैंने सोचा था , उससे कई गुना उन्होंने मेरे राधा कृष्ण को बना के दिया, अगर मैं उनके वहवार की बात करूँ तो उसने भी बहुत अच्छा वहवार रहा, I would like to reccomand .. highly appreciated work done by Manish ji.. Futur requrment... I will connect with you.. Thanks you so much. Amit Jagdish Pal”
R.Arunachalam - (188,4TH C MAIN,3 BLOCK,3 STAGE,BASAVESWARANAGAR, 1,India)
“ It is a trustworthy & reliable experience. Customer satisfaction is their atmost priority. It gives lot of confidence to deal with them. I wish them all the very Best.”
Ashish Shah - (308 , Diamond Plaza 3 rd Floor, Dr. D B Marg, Lam,INDIA)
“ As Per Commitment Delivery On Time... And Doing Fabulous Work On Our Shrinathji Marble Statue... We Are Very Happy And Recommended Other Also...”
Dr. Girisha (Bangalore) - (,)
“I am very happy with Ashtika Marble Statue services. I was looking white ganpathi statue for house warming ceremony. He sent me few photos with various design. I have selected ganapathi statue which come on time with flexible payment options. Talking from selecting to delivering was wonderful. Manish takes all responsibility till it reaches you safely. No people will do this Kind of service. Thanks you Manish and ashtika Marble statue. Regards Dr. Girisha Bangalore”
Gopal Vitthal Chaudhari - (Washim, Maharashtra,INDIA)
“ Jai Shree Krishna Sir Ji, Apki ki "Ashtika Marble Statue" Company ki service bahot badhiya hai sir..Aap ne ji time diya tha us time ke ander hi aapne meri "Murti" ki order ko pura kiya....is ke liye mai aapka Aabhari hoo...Mai Maharashtra se hoo lekin aapse online contact karke sub kuch dekhne ya mile bine aapne jo sevice di wo bahot achi hai sir...Online service dene ke liye Shukriya Sir....Jai Shree Krishna. Gopal Vitthal Chaudhari(Washim, Mah.)”
MAINAK CHAKRABORTY - (MATRIKUTIR,Shibani Pith Lane,Bhattacharyya Para,Ba,India)
“ I ordered a Mata Saraswati idol from Ashtika Marble. The communication was excellent.I live in Kolkata, and the store is at Rajasthan. But I never felt it. Seller as well as the artist ,was very polite and made me understood the whole process in detail , by phone and whatsapp number. Also he sent me the step by step photos of his work for 1 month and the idol was made as per my choice. It is almost perfectly made as I wanted. An outstanding piece of work, and that was done in just one month!!. It is just superb. Not only that, after the completion of the whole work , he sent me the idol through a noted courier. Also the packing was just awesome. Overall a great experience . I will order some other statues in future from this store. I think everyone should visit this store website or physically once.”
Dr. Vriender Grover - (5 Macquarie Road , Toorak 3142,Australia )
“Excellent service from Quote to delivery of statues. As was promised at the beginning,the time frame and the quality of delivered goods were impeccable. I highly appreciate their services and highly recommend them .”
Mahendra Mahuvarkar - (Navsari,India)
“ Idol made as per requirement in specified time is having excellent quality & effordable price. Will recommend their name in my circle and here with giving ***** for the services...”
Kamal Kripalani - (Mumbai,India)
“ We bought Ganpati Marble Murti from Ashtika Marbles. We are very happy and satisfied with their work. Manish and his team is very professional and delivered the murti well on time as per our expectations. We strongly recommend them for their good work.”
Pavan Boppana - (Vijayawada,India)
“ I have no words to express my Happiness when I received Lord Balaji statue which is customised. Very very excellent work and nice finishing. Very very good polishing and Skilled Sculpturing.. Thanks to Manish Ji. Brilliant job and very satified with the work. Thanks again I loved it a lot.. Simply Superbbbbbb ”
Niloy - (Bangalore ,India )
“My wife wanted a nice round voluptuous Ganapati with beautiful eyes. We got much more. When the wooden box arrived we took 15 mins to open it. It was perfectly packed and the statue was completely ok. We took the statue out opened the cover to reveal the beautiful white statue with eyes of compassion. It will stay as part of our family now in the small temple. Thanks to Manish for the perfect idol and the perfect way of doing business - a beautiful experience. ”
Nicky Gurnani - (Krishna Kunj,India)
“ Manish ji has been an excellent help in helping us choose which murtis to keep in our temple and how shud they be placed and what colors wud look good. We are very very happy with their services, though the overall experience with working with them could have been slightly better, 2 out the 3 murtis we bought from them turned exceedingly well, way past what we expected. The last murti could have been better, but we accepted it as Gods fate for us.. The murtis have been made with utmost devotion and the love is visible in the final product.. Thanks ”
Davina Sewkumar - (,United States)
“ Manishji and his team created and crafted the perfect Hanumanji! I sent Manishji photos of what I wanted and he made sure that every detail was incorporated into my murti. I plan on purchasing more murtis in the future from Ashtika Marble Statue! Jai Shree Krishna ”
Malini Madho - (,Winnipeg MB, Canada)
“ I have purchased a Nandi Ji from Ashtika Marble Statue and I dealt with Mr. Manish Vajpayee, he was very nice to deal with answer all my questions right way and I was very impress with their service. Nandi ji is so beautifully sculpt, his eyes are Exquisite! I am so very please and happy. "Thank you to all whom worked on the Nandi ji God bless you". If we need to order more Murties in the future I would definitely recommend Ashtika Marble. "Thank you"”
Aayush Bagaria - (1064 Sobha Ruby, Bangalore,India)
“Completely satisfied with the work and service. We bought a hanuman 9” idol and it was promptly and safely delivered. The carvings on the idol are of great precision and overall looks very pleasing. It was nice interacting with the owners as they are customer friendly and very impressive.”
Kesha Deenoo - (Edmonton alberta ,Cananda )
“ It was wonderful working with them! Lovely work and beatuiful art pieces. They were efficient, communicative and the product quality and packing to travel to canada was amazing. I highly recommend ”
Minal Parikh - (702 Africa Cottage Mumbai,India)
“ Thank u very much for the efforts in creating Parshawnathji idol for me Par excellence More than my expectations.. Very neat job👌👍 ”
Georgios Vafeiadis - (25 Olympiou Diamanti str,Greece 🇬🇷 )
“ What more can I say for excellent work very friendly very polite very good and professional help Even when problems with the Greek banking system Good communication very good packaging And also in every process you see how your Murti goes I bought Radha- Krishna both and the craftsmanship was awesome We will buy more for Greece soon Thank you 🙏 Jai Gurudev Jai Shree Krishna ”
Ignatius - (Seremban,Malaysia)
“ I am so pleased to behold my beloved goddess in the form of a marble idol from Astika marbles. They have certainly done justice to illustrate the beauty of the goddess. The customized detailing was executed well with a smooth finish and its weight is not extremely heavy too. In short, it is all i asked for. ”
Hitesh Vora - (201,Shyam kunj NS Road 9 mumbai 40049 ,India )
“ The murti was beautiful with very clean and detail work. Has given the house very good vibes. Thank you so much. ”
Ruchi Tandon, Gurgaon - (,)
“Thank you Manish ji, Krishna’s murti which you made for us is beautiful. I’m unable to express how gorgeous my Krishna is looking. Feeling blessed. Thank you so much 🙏🏻 ”
Ruchi agarwal - (Pune,India)
“ Ashtika murtis are most beautiful murtis I have ever seen. All of them are very dedicated in there work of art. Very grateful to ashtika marble statue for the most wonderful idols I have🙏✨I would suggest who ever wants to buy murtis please contact ashtika.. ”
Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal - (Chelipura, Savitri Hospital,India)
“ Nice collection of idols... very polite and respectful way to deal with clients..”
Sayan Sarkar - (1/A Nanda Lal Mitra Lane Tollygunge, Kolkata,India)
“ I am very much overwhelmed with the marble Kali Mata statue which has been customized as per my requirement by Ashtika Marble. Thanks a lot Manish Ji for providing such a beautiful Idol as per my choice and that too from Jaipur to Kolkata. Thanks for all your effort and seamless delivery of the idol to my place. I will recommend everyone Ashtika Marble for your polite behavior and awesome customer handling attitude.”
Georguos vafeiadis - (25 Olympiou Diamanti str,Greece)
“ Great craftmanship we ordered a second time from Ashtika Marble Ramanuja Acharya Murthi and Mahavatar Babaji Murthi what can i say so nice so fast delivery great pricing an also very very helpful with the process of making the murti We are all so happy 😀 Thank you Third time will come 🙏 Georgios Vafeiadis ”
Ramana Mokkapati - (27 Sembrado,United States)
“ Excellent workmanship and great communication and prompt delivery for a custom built Sankaracharya statue.”
Sumeet Roop - (Sydney Australia,Australia)
“ We bought a large Sri Kartikeya Baghwaan murti. It was completed in record time. Manish and his team were excellent in communication. The statue was expedited to Mumbai where it arrived safe and sound and was delivered to the door of my Aunty and uncle. Thankyou”
Vilas Gorhekar - (Auckland, NewZealand ,NewZealand )
“ We were very pleased & satisfied when we received our “Ganesha Murti “ in Auckland ,NewZealand It is perfectly crafted finished as per our requirement. The packaging was awesome & well secured Many thanks to Manish & his entire team. Manish answered all my queries & kept us updating by sending us pictures of our Murti during the carving process. We appreciate their excellent customer service from start to finish. Good work keep it up!! We are very happy to recommend “ Ashtika Marbles” to our friends & families. ”